Spending all your time just keeping your business running smoothly?

Our background as ambulance operators provides us with a unique bottom-line-driven perspective. We have experienced first-hand the frustration of money left behind by agencies that focused on the primary payee only, making little effort to go after other potential reimbursement.  Most billing companies aren’t willing to invest time and energy into more exhaustive billing, but in many cases that revenue could make the difference between profit and loss for the client.

Put Our Experience to Work for you

Leverage our experience to your benefit, and collect on a higher percentage of your accounts, resulting in increased revenues for your ambulance service. EMTech will aggressively seek full reimbursement for your company’s services, from primary insurance providers, secondary providers, and self-pay individuals. We consistently follow-up on claims and resubmit them when necessary to maintain timely, maximized revenues.

EMTech complies with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

We relentlessly pursue complete regulatory compliance by attending relevant EMS/ambulance billing industry conferences (i.e., PWW) and Medicare and Medicaid forums. Additionally, we monitor industry bulletins and stay connected with EMS Associations. This assures we stay current with the industry’s continually changing rules and regulations.