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EMTech understands the need for comprehensive collection practices.  Many billing services focus solely on the primary payer.  They are unwilling to the invest time and energy into more exhaustive billing that could make the difference between profit and loss for the client.

EMTech is committed to helping our clients yield the highest possible returns with strategies tailored to meet their unique needs.

When you entrust your collection program to EMTech, you can rest easy knowing we are a dedicated partner focused on returning the most money possible while maintaining a high level of respect and compassion for your patients.

Collection Services Offered:

  • Monthly patient invoicing with payment accepted by cash, check, money order, or most major credit cards through our online bill pay portal.
  • Staff training in high-quality field documentation for improved collections.
  • Persistence in collections and aggressive A/R review and reporting
  • Collection agency services, in the event a patient is unwilling to arrange payment of their balance