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EMTech Offers Ambulance Revenue Cycle Management

An experienced team trained to significantly improve your collections and achieve better cash flow.

Faster Payment Turnaround

We shorten your turnaround time on payments by utilizing the latest software and internal policies to ensure clean claims submission the first time.

Leave The Legwork to Us

Our billing experts do the legwork to ensure claims are clean upfront – eliminating the frustration of constant follow-up and delays related to denials and appeals. You can count on our team to comply with current state, federal, and payer requirements.

Highly Trained Staff at Your Service

Our Billing Specialists are certified by the National Academy of Ambulance Coding® (NAAC), and receive the CAC designation as a certified ambulance coders — the only nationally recognized ambulance billing and coding certification.

Stand Out with Outstanding Customer Service

Provide your clients with our toll-free number, and individuals trained in outstanding customer service will attend to their questions or concerns.

Dependable Data Storage, Security and Backup

Spend less time dealing with computers and technical issues and more time managing successful operations.

Customized KPI Reporting

EMTech will work with you to customize beneficial revenue performance reports including A/R reports on patient accounts, claim status and financial performance.

Start generating more revenue!

Call 866.764.4911 toll-free to schedule a free, no-obligation consult and let EMTech deliver a stronger bottom line for your ambulance service today!